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February 2018

  • Solving the Annuity Puzzle
  • Deducting Employee Business Expenses
  • Insuring Key People at Small Companies

January 2018

  • Investing In 2018: Dividend Stocks
  • Investing In 2018: Defensive Funds
  • Small Companies Need Plans for Natural Disasters

December 2017

  • Pros and Cons of Asset Management Fees
  • Win With a Roth IRA Reversal
  • Year-End Thank You Gifts From Business Owners

November 2017

  • Uncertainty Hampers Year-End Tax Planning
  • Year-End Planning for Investors
  • Year-End Retirement Tax Planning
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Charitable Donations
  • Year-End Business Tax Planning

October 2017

  • Prepare Your Kids for Financial
  • New IRS Ruling May Rescue Estate
  • Tax Court Approves 100% Business
    Meal Deduction

September 2017

  • Ginnie Mae Funds for Your Retirement
  • Tax Credits Beat Tax Deductions
  • R&D Tax Credits for Small Companies

August 2017

  • College Costs Really Are Increasing Again
  • Start FAFSA Planning Earlier
  • Asset Allocation in 529 Plans
  • Outlining the Trump Tax Plan
  • How Small Business Retirement Plans Compare

July 2017

  • Calculating Retirement Needs
  • Taxable Versus Tax-Deferred Accounts
  • Small Companies Can Do Well While Doing Good

June 2017

  • The Third Best Investment You Can Make
  • Prenups Can Serve Many Purposes
  • Solo 401(k) Plans for Companies Without Employees

May 2017

  • Tax-Wise Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Social Security Strategies That Still Work
  • With Retirement Plans, SIMPLE May Be Better

April 2017

  • Dealing With an IRS Audit
  • Deciding About a Vacation Home
  • ESOPs as Retirement Plans

March 2017

  • Playing Defense as Stock Prices Soar
  • Holding Down Premiums for Medicare Part B
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans for Small Companies

February 2017

  • After-Tax Dollars in Traditional IRAs
  • "Combo" Products for Long-Term Care Coverage
  • Defined Benefit Plans for (Very) Small Companies

January 2017

  • Be Cautious with Hard-to-Value IRAs
  • The "Other" Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Profit-Sharing Plans for Your Small Business

December 2016

  • Seeking a Stable Retirement
  • Foreign Stock Funds Can Be Doubly Taxing
  • Automatic Enrollment Retirement Plans

November 2016

  • More Certainty for Year-End Tax Planning
  • Year-End Planning for Itemized Deductions
  • Year-End Planning for Deducting Taxes Paid
  • Year-End Planning for Charitable Donations
  • Year-End Planning for Medical Deductions
  • Year-End Retirement Tax Planning
  • Year-End Business Tax Planning

October 2016

  • Financial Steps to Take After a Child is Born
  • Investing in Gold Can Be Taxing
  • What Goes Into a Wellness Program

September 2016

  • Customization Comes to Target-Date Funds
  • Drawing Down Your Portfolio in Retirement
  • Setting Paid-Time-Off Policies

August 2016

  • The True Cost of Higher Education
  • Make the Most of College Financial Aid
  • Campus Tax Credits Can Top Tax Deductions
  • The Second Best Investment You Can Make
  • Using IRA Money to Buy a Business Can Be Dangerous

July 2016

  • What the New Federal Fiduciary Rule Means to Investors
  • ETFs Can Be Plain or Fancy
  • Disaster Planning Versus Succession Planning

June 2016

  • Should You Pay Summer Interns?
  • Planning for Today's Pensions
  • Putting Your Money Into Timeshares

May 2016

  • Health Insurance and Divorce
  • Fun and Games...and Taxes
  • New Law May Boost C Corporations

April 2016

  • Deducting Sales Taxes
  • IRA Charitable Donations
  • Higher Education Tax Breaks
  • Tax-Free Investment Gains
  • Business Tax Benefits

March 2016

  • Deducting Charitable Gifts
  • Tax-Efficient IRA Withdrawals
  • Cybersecurity for Business Owners

February 2016

  • Deducting Interest Paid
  • The IRS May Put You on Hold
  • Portability in Estate Planning

January 2016

  • Deducting Taxes Paid
  • Deducting IRA Contributions
  • Going Outside to Sell Your Company

December 2015

  • Investing for the Long Term
  • QTIP Trusts Still Offer Advantages
  • Put Cadillac Health Plans on Your Road Map

November 2015

  • Will the Third Shoe Drop?
  • Year-End Investment Tax Planning
  • Year-End Family Tax Planning
  • Year-End Retirement Tax Planning
  • Year-End Charitable Tax Planning
  • Year-End Business Tax Planning
  • Year-End Estate Tax Planning

October 2015

  • Cons and Pros of Roth IRAs
  • Where to Find Investment Income
  • Social Media for Business Owners

September 2015

  • Past Losses Offer Winning Opportunities
  • Supreme Court Decision May Affect State Taxes
  • Ongoing Responsibility for Retirement Plans

August 2015

  • Facing College Costs
  • What You Should Know About Student Loans
  • Restructuring Education Debt
  • Why You Need a Will
  • SIMPLE 401(k) Plans May Appeal to Employees

July 2015

  • The Math of Buy and Hold
  • Passive Activity Losses From Rental Property
  • Succession Planning for a Family Business

June 2015

  • Winning Social Security's Waiting Game
  • Control the Costs of Wedding in Your Family
  • Keep Your Company After a Divorce

May 2015

  • Holding Stocks in Retirement Accounts
  • Finding a Low-Tax State
  • What Lower Oil Prices Mean to Your Company

April 2015

  • Are Tax Refunds Good or Bad?
  • Seeking Safety in Long-Term Treasuries
  • Private Health Insurance Exchanges for Business Owners

March 2015

  • Above-The-Line Tax Deductions
  • Dealing With Sequence Risk
  • Turn Relatives Into Employees to Reduce Taxes

February 2015

  • Renting Versus Buying a Home
  • Income Annuities in Employer Retirement Plans
  • When Workers Are Independent Contractors

January 2015

  • Create a Personal Cash Flow Statement
  • Tax-Free Roth IRA Conversions
  • New Year's Resolutions for Business Owners

December 2014

  • New Regulations Bolster Longevity Annuities
  • Global Funds Versus International Funds
  • The Surge in Emerging Markets Bonds
  • Be Wary of Accumulated Assets

November 2014

  • A Tale of Two Couples
  • Year-End Investment Tax Planning
  • Year-End Charitable Tax Planning
  • Year-End Family Tax Planning
  • Year-End Retirement Tax Planning
  • Year-End Estate Tax Planning
  • Year-End Business Tax Planning

October 2014

  • Planning for Retirement Income
  • As Collectibles Boom, Selling can be Taxing
  • S Corporation or LLC

September 2014

  • Passive Investing is Moving Up
  • Inherited IRAs in Bankruptcy
  • Deducting Foreign Business Travel

August 2014

  • Financial Aid Starts With the FAFSA
  • Grandparent Aid for College Costs
  • Keeping Wealth in Your Family’s Future
  • Tougher Rules on Reverse Mortgages
  • Reasonable Compensation for S Corporation Owners

July 2014

  • Be Sure About Rental Car Insurance
  • Deductions for Dining Out
  • Tax-Free Income From Renting Your Home

June 2014

  • The Risks of Riskless Investing
  • How Inherited Assets Differ From Gifts
  • Prime Points for Your Buy-Sell

May 2014

  • Liquid Alts Move Into the Mainstream
  • Mixing Annuities and IRAs
  • Making Expense Accounts Accountable

April 2014

  • Is It Time to Trim Stocks?
  • Supreme Court Bolsters Beneficiary Rights
  • Business Owners Get More Bang From Flex Plan Bucks

March 2014

  • Juggling Appreciated Assets and Bequests
  • Learning About Mutual Fund Share Classes
  • Estimated Taxes for Business Owners

February 2014

  • SEP Plans Go Separate Ways
  • Mixing IRA Distributions With Social Security
  • The “Other” April 15 Deadlines

January 2014

  • Five Years Later, Tax Lessons Learned
  • Benchmark Based Life Insurance and Annuities
  • Underused Deductions for Business Owners

December 2013

  • Alert: New Rules for Health Insurance
  • Pay Premiums or Pay a Penalty
  • Shopping Malls for Health Insurance
  • Businesses Must Give Notice

November 2013

  • Planning for “Permanent” Tax Laws
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Investors
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Retirement
  • Year-End Estate Tax Planning
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Donations
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Business Owners

October 2013

  • Tax Planning for Same-Sex Spouses
  • Don’t Waste 529 Tax Benefits
  • IRS Approves Simpler Home Office Deductions

September 2013

  • Real Estate Investing With REITs
  • Deferred Income Annuities for Your Future
  • Leasing Company Cars

August 2013

  • Make Student Loans Less Taxing
  • Cashing In on Foreign Stocks
  • Employers’ Health Insurance Penalties Are Delayed

July 2013

  • The Paradox of Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Trim Steep New Taxes With a Charitable Trust
  • Funding a Small Business Succession Plan

June 2013

  • Diversify 529 Accounts
  • Maximizing Medical Deductions
  • Getting Started on a Succession Plan

May 2013

  • From Bear Market to Bull Market
  • New In-Plan Conversions
  • Using the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

April 2013

  • Reducing Uncertainty, Increasing Complexity
  • Restoring a Higher Tax Bracket
  • Lower Income, Higher Taxes
  • Estate and Gift Taxes Have Been Clarified
  • Breaks for Business Owners
  • AMT Relief, Child Tax Credit, and More

March 2013

  • Tax-Free Gains From Home Sales
  • Do Well While Doing Good With a Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Passing the Tests for Entertainment Deductions

February 2013

  • SEP Plans Go Separate Ways
  • Mixing IRA Distributions With Social Security
  • The “Other” April 15 Deadlines

January 2013

  • Social Security: The 8% Solution
  • Buying Stocks Through Dividend Reinvestment Plans
  • Tax Planning for S Corporation Owners

December 2012

  • Nondeductible Contributions to Traditional IRAs
  • In Your Estate Plan, Include a Letter of Instruction
  • Two Keys to a Successful Buy-Sell Agreement

November 2012

  • Back to the Brink
  • Planning Ahead for the 3.8% Surtax
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Investors
  • Year-End Tax Planning for IRAs
  • Year-End Estate Tax Planning
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Business Owners

October 2012

  • The Supreme Court's Health Insurance Decision: What It Means to You Now
  • New Tax for High-Income Taxpayers
  • Trusts and Estates May Owe the Surtax, Too
  • Additional Medicare Tax for Certain High-Income Taxpayers
  • Higher Hurdles for Medical Deductions and Exemptions

September 2012

  • Dealing With Household Employees
  • Taxes on Gambling Winnings
  • Exploring the World of Exchange-Traded Funds

August 2012

  • How Long Should You Keep Records?
  • Wellness Programs for a Healthier Bottom Line
  • Tax Savings Versus College Aid
  • Investing on the New Frontier
  • Selling a Life Insurance Policy Can Be Taxing

July 2012

  • New JOBS Act Offers Flexibility to Small Companies
  • 401 (k) Loans and Hardship Withdrawals
  • Learning the A-Bs of Estate Tax Planning With Trusts

June 2012

  • Corporate Minutes Can Provide Timely Assistance
  • Municipal Bond Refundings May Offer Safe Tax-Exempt Income
  • Pros and Cons of Living Trusts

May 2012

  • New IRS Rules May Offer Tax Breaks for Property Owners
  • The Gift Tax Still Matters
  • Investing on Margin Increases Risk and Potential Rewards

April 2012

  • Business Owners May Defer Tax on an Employee Stock Ownership Plan Sale
  • Keep Track of Noncash Contributions

March 2012

  • Offering an Educational Assistance Program Can Be a Smart Move
  • How IRA Distributions Are Taxed
  • Qualified Dividends Still Have Tax Advantages

February 2012

  • IRS Offers a Deal to Companies Claiming Contractors
  • Home Office Deductions Demand Exclusivity
  • Making Sense of Mutual Fund Taxation

January 2012

  • Make Disability Insurance Less Taxing
  • Dealing With Required Distributions
  • Weighing the Benefits of Medicare Advantage

December 2011

  • Contrarian Investing Versus Momentum Strategies
  • Dodge a Real Estate Tax Trap With a Like-Kind Exchange
  • Trim the Tax on Your Social Security Benefits

November 2011

  • Year-End Tax Planning for Investors
  • Year-End Tax Planning for IRAs
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Long-Term Capital Gains
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Itemized Deductions

October 2011

  • Estate Planning Beyond Estate Taxes
  • Income Tax and Estate Planning With Your Parents
  • Don’t Take a Vacation From Estate Planning

September 2011

  • Freeze Your Credit to Foil Identity Theft
  • Convertibles Offer Bond-Like Yields, Stock-Like Potential
  • A SIMPLE Solution for Company Retirement Plans

August 2011

  • Check the Numbers on 529 Plans
  • Coverdell Accounts Can Cover Precollege Costs
  • Taking Credits for Higher Education
  • Finding a Use for the Tuition and Fees Deduction
  • Coping With the Kiddie Tax

July 2011

  • Health Insurance Reporting Is Delayed
  • Social Security After Death or Divorce
  • Consider Dividend-Paying Stocks

June 2011

  • Choosing the Right 401(k)
  • Avoid Higher Medicare Premiums
  • Small Businesses Fight Soaring Healthcare Costs

May 2011

  • With Savings Bonds, Prepaying Tax May Be a Good Tactic
  • Use Appreciated Assets for Charitable Donations
  • Going for the Gold

April 2011

  • State Taxes Can Crimp Your Cash Flow
  • Plan Now for Expanded 1099 Reporting
  • Deduct, Don't Depreciate
  • Be Sure About Beneficiaries

March 2011

  • Income Tax Rates Hold Steady
  • Easing the Burden of Estate Tax

February 2011

  • Businesses Get the Green Light for Going Green
  • Socially Responsible Investing Gains Ground

January 2011

  • Lower Taxes May Mean More Jobs
  • More Flexibility in Retirement Planning
Special Supplement on the 2010 Tax Act

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